A Strong Foundation for Bonding

Our surety experts have been the market leaders in assisting contractors with their bonding needs for over 25 years. The key to our success is that we have the surety relationships to succeed where others fall short. We have the ability to foresee the questions and solve them before the surety companies ever ask. Our Staff includes nationally published experts and key personnel which were trained by surety companies and have established relationships with with not just the underwriter but the key decision makers in the home office. This level of trust and these key relationships only evolve after years of positive team work and in representing some of the most successful general contractors and subcontractors in Florida.

Whether you are anticipating a quick expansion, are dealing with troubling years or just getting started, establishing the right foundation for bonding is not a quick transition but a process that requires the right strategic plan. The West Palm Beach Surety Division has the people and relationships to guide your organization through this process.

As a team, we will:

  • Review financials to determine where you are today and where you expect to be tomorrow.
  • Understand your needs as they relate to financials. Contractor’s bond needs are different from sub-contractors, as some sub-contractors are different from labor intensive trades. The bond requirements and program percentages of one can be completely different from the others!
  • Establish a plan, which determines the best way to achieve your goals.
  • Approach the surety partner that best fits your company profile and needs.